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Various arthropods. OK entomologists help me out here...



A large black type of ant.



A large dark red with black head type of ant.



This was a good sized female tenebrionid (Eleodes, AKA stink beetles, or as an entomologist friend calls them 57 Chevy beetles), who was a little worse for wear (note the dent in her elytron/back). She was ovipositing in a dirt road.



Some type of Band-winged grasshopper (notice the bonus true bug in the upper right).




A praying mantis nymph, don't know the species. The thumb belongs to an uncle.



Bow before our insect overlords! An adult (female I believe), possibly a Mediterranean mantis (Iris oratoria).



Something in the Family Pentatomidae.


A Western Short-Horned Walkingstick (Parabacillus hesperus), minus a foreleg, that I found on my garage door one morning.



A tiny (less than 1/4 inch) beetle, Aphodius I think.


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